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PutraBLAST Semester 3, 2021/2022

by Admin Faris . -


For information, the PutraBLAST system is a sub system. PutraBLAST's data source is from SMP as the main system for undergraduate courses. While for post-graduate courses it is from the iGIMS system as a data source.

The PutraBLAST On Campus system for semester 3 2021/2022 just opened on 25 July 2022. Problems such as empty profiles, no courses or not being able to login are common things that happen when a new semester starts. This is due to the fact that the newly generated data has not yet been entered into the new PutraBLAST system. Therefore, we request you to give the PutraBLAST system time to update the data. Sir/Madam can make a periodic review to ensure that the problem encountered has been resolved. If the problem persists for up to a week, you can contact us directly at 03-97696139/6136 or via email