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The Centre for Academic Development (CADe) was formed on 2nd January 2004 after the restructuring of the Centre for Knowledge Management that was established in 2002. The purpose of the development was to improve the quality of academic excellence amongst academicians in UPM.

Main Function

  • Professional Development of UPM Academics
  • Innovations in Teaching and Learning (T&L)
  • Academic Quality Assurance and Policies
  • Research for Teaching and Learning development


Strenghtening the academics professional development in UPM through training programmes, research, innovation and services in teaching and learning (T&L).


To become a Reference Centre for the development of Excellent Teaching and Learning.

Innovation Teaching & Learning Division (i-Team)


  • Strengthening and providing support services for e - learning
  • Explore the latest technologies and innovations in supporting teaching and learning
  • Strengthen and support the global online learning


  • To manage and provide support in the implementation of e-learning in the university
  • Promote and provide support in the development of e-Content supports e-learning process
  • Manage the integration of the latest technology with existing e-learning system
  • Explore and evaluate the suitability of the technology and the latest innovation of e-learning and Freeware / Open Software License
  • To promote and provide support services for technology and the latest innovations in the implementation of e-learning
  • To manage and provide support in open learning at the university
  • To enhance and promote the development of open learning courses
  • To promote open learning course

News Feeds

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