CADe provides some premium software accounts that are subscribed by CADe itself. The software aims to make it easier for faculty and staff to develop their work or learning content  to make it more appealing.

Biteable is a web-based tool that allows you to create beautiful explainer videos that you can easily add to your classroom to share with your students and make your lessons more interesting and engaging. Explainer videos are short animated clips that make use of a wide variety of visuals and multimedia materials to communicate a message in a concise and comprehensible way. Learn More...

Video scribing, also known as Whiteboard animation, is an engaging new form of story telling which replicates a 'stop-motion capture style'. Videoscribe software, created by Sparkol, allows you to create this style of animated videos quickly and easily. In a similar way to Powerpoint, you are able to add text, change the canvas style and colour, select images from Sparkol's image library or even import your own photo's, logo's and images. Learn More...

GoAnimate is an online, do-it-yourself video animation software program where you create your own animations using templates, characters, voice recordings etç. It online whiteboard animation software is very good features like scripting, voice recording, visual excitement and easy promotion on social media. One of GoAnimate’s stand out features is the ability to add lip-sync to your chosen characters by adding a voice recording or importing an audio file. Learn More... 

Piktochart is a cloud-based application that allows users to easily create infographics.  Users can embed interactive maps, charts, videos and hyperlinks in a Piktochart infographic.Piktochart provides a library of icons, images, fonts, and other design tools. Icons and images are organized by subject, including education, entertainment, people, and shapes. Once completed, each infographic can be saved for future editing, and the finished product can be exported as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF file. Learn More... 

CADe Premium Account Software Application Form

01. Apply

Submit your application to use the software to CADe 

02. Receive

Receive username and password from CADe with due date 

03. Use

You can use the software for three (3) days with the given username and password 

04. Re-Apply

To extend the period to use the software, please notify CADe a day before the due date 


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