Immersive Learning /Cybergogy

Cybergogy model of teaching is recognised as an innovative way of instructional design using ICT and cyberspace. Cybergogy learning encourages students to use computers and internet to obtain module, information, reports and other kinds of reference. Cybergogy combines the fundamentals of both pedagogy and andragogy (adult learning) and grabs the benefits of technology-enabled learning for a better learning outcome.



The educator provides a learning environment that is interest-driven. Students learn how to balance between virtual and real worlds, and acknowledges the potential of both methods in helping them develop appropriate skills in the digital era. 



This approach augments students’ motivation, promotes longer retention rate, and eases their cognitive load. Students get to explore micro or non-existent world through immersion in augmented or virtual tour. 



Trigger students’ interest to explore further into a specific topic.
Utilizing game mechanics to motivate, engage, and make students accountable to achieve the desired learning outcome.
Tapping into 21st Century students‘ nature that is attached with technology, while advocating appropriate act, use and purpose of plugged and un-plugged technology. 


Digital Citizenship

Advocate appropriate behavior on, and use of, online communities for educational purposes 


the use of a pedagogical system that was developed within gaming design but which is implemented within a non-game context 

Game-based Learning

integration of gaming into learning experiences to increase engagement and motivation 

Mixed Reality

the use of augmented reality and/or virtual reality to engage students with virtual world that is created or recreated as a means to motivate students and help them learn better 

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