Blended learning (BL) is formal education program in which part of the teaching and content delivery is carried out online. According to the operational definition by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia:

Blended Learning refers to a course that has a mixture of online learning mode and learning mode onsite learning face to face with the 30% - 79% of the course content and activities conducted online either support or replace face to face learning. Implementing BL in classroom will also give the following advantages:

Personalised learning experience students improve engagement and motivation

Supports student-centered learning

Maximise utilization of face-to-face learning

Promotes flipped classroom

UPM's Teaching and Learning Committee through its meeting agreed the implementation of the BL in UPM are to support face to face learning mode. If UPM choose to replace the face to face learning, a comprehensive research is needed and endorsement from the management of the university are needed to implement it. In 2016, UPM has set a target of 35% of active courses that is using blended learning mode. Each active courses must complied a minimum number for each item that is set to achieve active status BL. The figure below shown the minimum number of each items that is need to be achieved BL.



Development of PutraBLAST has taken the needs of university and academic staff to use BL effectively. By using PutraBLAST, academic staff teaching not only able to upload files, organizing various activities (online or offline) but they also can assess students' level of understanding. In the attachment given below is the list of modules available in PutraBLAST consistent with the calculation of BL achievement.

To view BL achievement click following link and login with your UPMID and password.

Blended Learning Achievement Report



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